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Since we moved to Maryland in July, I’ve been on the hunt for a good Mediterranean restaurant. One of my favorite dishes is Shawarma, and neither Cava Grill nor Zoë’s Kitchen has it on their menu. Don’t get me wrong: I love Cava and Zoe’s. The Spicy Lamb Meatballs and Steak Stack have a special place in my heart (and stomach). And the Crazy Feta. I could go on. But Shawarma is the name of the game here. After hearing my aunt talk about Hummus Corner, and passing them nearly every day on my commute, I decided to stop in with Jen. Tucked into the corner of a nondescript Owings Mills strip mall (hence the name), along with a Food Lion, Chinese and Soul Food restaurants, Hummus Corner opened in January 2011. Owned by Chef Johnny and Carla Mattar, their Hummus is set apart by the chickpeas they use: I asked Johnny Mattar what I should tell you about his hummus. He told me that it starts with the chickpea. Mattar uses the largest size chickpea available, the hard to find 14-mm chickpea. Most of the chickpeas we see in stores are 8- or 9-mm chickpeas. He also uses a white sesame paste (I’m guessing it’s not that stuff with the orange and brown label), and fresh lemon juice. That’s for starters; the rest is in how he puts it together. — Richard Gorelick, Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun, Lunch review Hummus Corner is a pleasant surprise

Strip mall location offers flavorful, affordable Middle Eastern fare I get a shiver of satisfaction bordering on smugness when I find a little restaurant that does one or two things well, or that offers an out-of-the-ordinary menu, or that dishes up low-cost comfort food. So I feel pleasantly snooty that I visited Hummus Corner before some of my foodie friends.

Owings Mills Patch , Who's Behind the Counter: Johnny Mattar at Hummus Corner November 4, 2011)

Almost a year into owning his restaurant, Mattar talks about the keys to his cooking, the feedback he's gotten from customers and more. Owner Johnny Mattar rings up a customer Wednesday afternoon at Hummus Corner. Mattar says he prides himself on preparing his dishes with the freshest ingredients and that every meal on the menu is homemade. To say Johnny Mattar is confident in his Lebanese cooking would be an understatement. When he and his wife Carla opened Hummus Corner 10 months ago on Lakeside Boulevard, they knew that fresh food coupled with a consistent product would endear the the area (and surrounding communities) to this cuisine. Mattar sat down with Patch to talk about his experiences so far. Patch: Is this you and your wife's first restaurant experience, or have you had others? Mattar: I’ve been doing this job for the past 20 years. I’ve done lots of restaurant openings overseas—more than 12 restaurants. But, this is the first restaurant that I’ve opened and owned.

Community Times, Lebanese Natives serving Mediterranean food, Feb 9, 2011

There's a new place to grab a bite on Lakeside Boulevard in Owings Mills. Hummus Corner opened its doors Jan. 12, serving Mediterranean cuisine to the community. The menu features hummus dip, traditional falafel, kebabs, and a host of other wraps and full plates served with the customer's choice of bread, meat, toppings, and sides. Owners Johnny and Carla Mattar said they use only the "best products" available in each of their unique recipes. Johnny, a native of Lebanon, said he has experience working in the kitchens of five-star hotels and opening more than a dozen businesses in Dubai.

Owings Mills Patch, Hummus Corner: Latest Eatery on the Block

The newest addition in Lakeside Village is one owners John and Carla Mattar said will please palettes for years. Hummus Corner, a name that especially fit after the husband-and-wife team chose their Owings Mills location, has provided a choice of classic Mediterranean dishes since mid-January. Head chef John Mattar said the secret is simple: just find the right product, the right supplier and vow to maintain quality.

Baltimore Sun, Around the Corner

Around the Corner Owings Mills has a new Mediterranean joint. Hummus Corner, open since Jan. 12, is owned and operated by Carla and Johnny Mattar (he's the chef), and this is their first go at a restaurant in this area. I asked Johnny Mattar about the secret to a hummus good enough to name a restaurant after. He told me that it starts with the chickpeas. Mattar uses the largest chickpeas available, the hard-to-find 14-millimeter variety. Most of the chickpeas we see in stores are 8 or 9 millimeter. He also uses a white sesame paste and fresh lemon juice. That's for starters; the rest is in how he puts it together.

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